28 November 2011

Useful family history sites - A vision of Britain through time

Never having been to the UK, I don't have a brilliant understanding of where everything is in Britain, though it grows as I do more and more research into my British ancestors. Plus, sometimes locations given in censuses and the like don't appear on Google Maps, which can be very frustrating.

One website which I have found incredibly useful is A Vision of Britain Through Time. Covering 1801-2011, it has maps, historical descriptions, census reports, etc for lots of little places across Britain. Although the website can be quite general in the information given, I've found it terribly helpful to get an idea of where places are/were and what they might have been like.


  1. You're right -this is indeed an interesting and useful site! You might also like this one if you haven't come across it yet. http://www.british-history.ac.uk/. The map tab is particularly useful if you have a specific place in mind.

  2. Thanks Pauleen - I hadn't seen that one before. I think it'll take a little while to find all the features of it - looks like there's an awful lot there!