16 November 2011

The Macindoe family

The photo above was taken of the Macindoe family before they left Glasgow for Sydney. By my reckoning, which could be wrong, the people are as follows:

back row: Walter Walker (1866-1955), Andrew Paterson (1868-1956)

middle row: Stewart (1872-1944), Ellen (seated, 1845-1922), Ellen Paterson ("Nellie", 1876-1967), Thomas (seated, 1841-1901), Norman (1874-1956), Thomas (1870-1947)

front row: Margaret Kirkwood ("Maggie", seated on her mother's lap, 1883-1929), John (1879-1953)


  1. Hi Prue
    My name is Colin McIndoe. I was born in Liverpool Eng in 1948.My family also traces back to Glasgow. My GGF James was born there in 1857 but there the genealogy becomes difficult with two or three candidates for his father.

    Regards Colin

  2. Hi Colin, thanks for saying hello. I don't have any James McIndoes born in 1857, but if you can give me a few more names I can check them as well. Prue

    1. Hi Prue
      Love the McIndoes photograph by the way: very evocative of an age which is both long gone but somehow brought back to within touching distance.
      My earlier post refers to 1857 but should have read 1855, 21 June. From reading my notes for the first time in a while I can safely take this back a further generation to James who married Ann Mullin (Millan,Millen) at St Mary's RC Chapel Glasgow on 1 July 1852. Census 1841 shows an 8 year old James living living with his 41 year old father in Glasgow. The address is simply given as Glen Park and appears multi-occupied; tenement I think rather than workhouse or similar. This would indicate birth year of 1799 or 1800 for his father. A decade later James 18 is on his own living in lodgings.
      Where was James 51 by this time? Dead or Poor House? (A James of the right age died in the Glasgow Poor House in 1869). Or was he in Liverpool? There were McIndoes (I assume relatives) in Liverpool by this time.
      Beyond this I have found a few threads but no certainties.

      Any clues you could provide would be most welcome.

      Regards Colin.

  3. Hi Colin,

    I think I can safely say that our two Macindoe/McIndoe families are not related - mine definitely were not Catholic, but your James and Ann were married in a Roman Catholic church. Good luck with your searching - this family history business is quite addictive, isn't it!


  4. Hi Prue
    Not so simple! All my family before and since have been Established church. My Grandfathers on both sides were in Orange Lodge! Could have been true love or could have been a pregnancy; who knows?
    Re spelling: these were the days before elementary education for many working people and the Registrar or Curate would simply ask the name, often of the mother, and apply a phonetic approach. In that way in my family at least spelling was apt to vary. One branch of my family crops up in South Wales and the name is recorded as McIndhoo.
    Addictive certainly and sometimes frustrating too!


  5. Ok then Colin! The only James McIndoes I have are (1831, Kilmaronock, Dumbartonshire, Scotland - ?), (1763, Strathblane, Stirlingshire, Scotland - 1834), (1735, Strathblane, Stirlingshire, Scotland -1814, Strathblane, Stirlingshire, Scotland), and (1715, Strathblane, Stirlingshire, Scotland - ?). Is that any help?

  6. Cheers Prue but not really. Specifically i'm trying to sort out the years 1850 back to 1800ish in Glasgow area. There are a number of James in the picture but pieces are not fitting together. Thanks anyway and good luck. Colin

  7. Sorry I can't help. All the best Colin.