About Prue

I am a wife, twin, mother of three young children, botanical artist, botanist, embroiderer, family historian, gardener and Christian (not in any order of priority!) I live in Sydney, Australia, and my ancestry is mainly of English, Scottish and German origins.

I began researching my family history at the beginning of 2010 when our family was on an extended holiday in Germany. I was hoping to uncover information on my German ancestors, the Beringers, so that I might be able to visit places useful or relevant to my research. As it turned out I didn't get very far, and didn't find out anything particularly useful on them until we had returned home.

I am now developing a mental list of places that I want to visit should I ever have the opportunity to return to Europe. This includes the Rhine Valley in Germany, Mulhouse in France, and much of Somerset, England.

I love research, and though history never captured my imagination at school, I think it is the thrill of the search and uncovering new information that I really love about family history research. It's been incredible to discover ancestors with amazing skills, talents and lives - much of which was unknown to the living generations of my family - and then to consider what aspects of them I might have inherited through our common genes.

If you believe you are a relative please say hello in one of the comment boxes or use the "Contact Prue" tab. I would love to hear from you!