10 November 2011

One mystery solved

... but plenty more unsolved!

When my parents visited Uralla earlier this year they were confounded by some flowers which had been very recently left on the Beringer graves at the Uralla cemetery. Happily, I have been contacted by a relative of John Valentine Beringer who was visiting Uralla at the time and left the flowers. I'm so pleased to know who it was, and to connect with another member of the extended family. To be able to share information is great!

If you are a relative and want to get in contact, leave a comment, including an email address if you like, and even if you delete the comment immediately I will still get the information and the rest of the world should only be privy to your email address if they happen to be looking right at that moment. : )

I've actually been contacted by three new distant family members this week, so it's all quite exciting. I've just got to make sure I remember which of them is linked to which part of the family and not get them mixed up!

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