12 April 2012

A new book on Gaspard Weiss

Yesterday in the mail I received a new edition to my family history library: the autobiography of Gaspard Weiss. I was terribly excited to have in my hands the autobiography of my great great great great grandfather! Pity it is in German and French and I can't read either! However, Tobias Bonz, one of the editors, has acknowledged my small assistance to his research in a couple of footnotes to the text and I could certainly find my name!

Should you be interested in obtaining a copy it is published by Ortus Musikverlag and the ISBN is 978-3-937788-23-4, retailing for about €25.

1 comment:

  1. I am meeting Tobias in Mulhouse tomorrow 19/6/12 so I hope he will be able to share his knowledge of Gaspard with me.
    They are also releasing a CD of some of his music on Friday this week.