20 April 2012

Latin help?

I don't know Latin and the vast majority of the German parish records I am looking at currently for the Beringers are in Latin. Most of the time I can get the gist of it from Google Translator, but this one is long, the writing gets quite small in places, and I am generally struggling with the latter section of the record. If I knew Latin it might be easier to guess what the words were - can anyone help?

The following is my guess so far:
1769 Junii 18
Baptizabatur Laurentius Josephus, Honesti Civis et molitoris Caspari Josephi Beringer ac Maria Josepha conjugum filius legitimus; Patrinus fuit Plusimium Reverend us ac Eximius Duis Laurentius Hochheimer Parochus in Lorch in Rhino gava; vicarias egit vices Per honoratus Duis Adamus Josephus Hochheimer Sub prator in Florsheim ........ ......... ........ genitor ux licentia Parochi Baptizavit him zafaulen Adus Pater Josephus Hochheimer Franciscan Guardians .........

I'm quite sure there are mistakes there, so feel free to help me out. And if anyone wants to translate it as well I won't knock that back!


  1. Apparently it's possible to post queries like this on the family search forum...might be worth a try. I struggle with both the old handwriting and the Latin.

  2. Thanks Pauleen. I didn't know about that - I'll check it out.