20 May 2011

Harry Beringer

Of all the children of Adam and Caroline Beringer who themselves had children, I (or my relatives) have now made contact with descendants of all but Harry (Henry Francis Thomas Beringer).

Harry was born in Newtown in 1891 and died on June 17 1958. He married Alice May Delohery in 1914 and they had eight children: Alice, George, Eileen, Albert, Elsie, Joyce, Lillian and Iris. Because of when many of their children were born and died (after the NSW BDM 100 year cutoff for births and after the 30 year cutoff for deaths) I have had trouble tracing descendants. I do have the names of a few descendants though, but so far have had no luck in contacting them. I actually managed to track down a relative of Lillian's but the phone number I was given for him was disconnected. I've sent letters to people I've found addresses for in the phone book, but so far to no avail.

Harry and Alice lived in a house in Bankstown which still stands today. They called it "Hollywood", possibly as a cheeky nod to Harry's film star brother George. Harry worked as a labourer of some kind. I've not been able to trace where either Harry or Alice were buried, possibly they were cremated anyway. Harry and his family didn't seem to be in as regular contact with his siblings as the others did. Perhaps this is because he lived far away in Bankstown, or maybe for some reason he didn't feel like he fitted in. This is probably why none of the other branches of the family have any links with his descendants today.

So, should you, dear reader, be a descendant of Harry's please leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

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