21 May 2011

Frederick and Rosetta Weiss

This photo is the only known photo of Frederick and Rosetta Weiss. Everyone I know who has a photo of them has this one.

My Grandma was young when her grandparents died but she does have some memories of them. She says her grandfather was a little man (as is evident from the photo) and a very godly man. She remembers him sitting in a comfortable chair, with a lectern with a big bible on it. She didn't like having to give him a kiss because of his hairy beard! Grandma remembers her grandmother as quite tall with a lovely happy face (also evident from the photo).

This is the only other photo I have of them (from Rookwood Cemetery):


  1. What a wonderful photo - thank you so much for posting it! First time I have "seen" my great great grandparents! (Although I had previously visited their grave pictured above.) My great grandmother looks most like her mother, Rosetta, though shorter like her father. Thank you again!

  2. A great photo... they look quite content with each other... you don't always see that in older photos.

  3. Being content with each other in old age - its quite something for every marriage to aim for, isn't it!