29 July 2016

The Monument to the Joynes family in St Marys Churchyard Hendon

"...my Will is that I may be buryed in London Church Yard in the said County of Middlesex at the East End of the Chancell Building in a Grave of eight ffoot in depth to lye next to the Coffin of my late dear and beloved Wife Mary Joynes who was buried there in the beginning of September 1746 and that a Monument of Portland Stone may be set up there according to a draught prepared by me..."
So willed my 5x great grandfather Henry Joynes (abt 1684-1754) before his death. I had the opportunity recently to visit St Mary's Churchyard Hendon, where this monument now stands. I guessed it was a reasonable sized monument and it has Grade II listed conservation status, and therefore I was hopeful that I would be able to find it. And I did!

St Marys Churchyard Hendon
I spent some time transcribing the inscription on the monument, which actually commemorates five members of the extended Joynes family. I'm glad I managed to do this, because the inscription for Henry Joynes was extremely weathered and very difficult to see - I had to use my fingers to gently trace the shape of the letters to work out what they were. And the weathering will only get worse. It had also sunk on an angle, but at least didn't look likely to topple over any time soon.

The southern-facing side of the monument was dedicated to Henry Joynes himself:
Near this place lyes the Body of
He was Comptroller and Conductor
of the Building of Blenheim House
in Oxfordshire from 1705 to 1715.
He was Surveyor of
Kensington Palace and Gardens
from 1715 to the last of his Days.
He was Many Years Surveyor of
the Sewers in Westminster.
He departed this Life the 2nd Day
of July 1754, Aged 70 Years.
The side facing east had the most inscribed on it. In the top section was an inscription for Henry's daughter Frances:
this Life the 3rd Day of May
1749, Aged 28 Years
In the lower section of the east-facing side was an inscription in honour of Henry's wife Mary, and below that, her sister Elizabeth (noted as Henry's sister, but technically his sister-in-law):
Westward of this monument
lyes the Body of MARY
the Wife of HENRY JOYNES Esqr
who Departed this Life
the 29th Day of August 1746,
Aged 60 Years,
leaving three Sons,
and two Daughters FRANCES & MARY.
Also the Body
of ELIZABETH PEISLEY, his sister,
who Departed this Life
the 30th Day of September 1746,
Aged 63 Years.
On the northern side of the monument, in the top section, was an inscription for Henry's son Thomas:
this Life the 14th Day of Dec
1750, Aged 28 years.
This news article from the London Evening Post (Dec 13-15, 1750) explains the sorry circumstances of Thomas' death:
"On Thursday Night last, between Ten and Eleven o'Clock, Mr. Thomas Joynes, Son of Henry Joynes, of Kensington, Esq; and Brother to Mr Joynes, of the Middle-Temple, going along the Strand, some Villains stopp'd him, and took from him his Hat and Wig, then knock'd him down, and robb'd him of what Money he had in his Pocket. He got home to his Lodgings, went to bed, and the next Morning, the Family not hearing him stir at the usual Hour, went into his Room, and found him dead in his Bed."
These are not the only family members buried in the churchyard at Hendon, but disappointingly, I was unable to locate the others, being Samuel Joynes, son of Henry and Mary - "Mr Joynes, of the Middle-Temple" noted above, and also Mary Baumgarten née Joynes, daughter of Henry and Mary Joynes, and her husband Samuel Christian Frederick Baumgarten. There are many gravestones which are too weathered to read, and perhaps some of these commemorated these other ancestors. 

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  1. How wonderful to see it but what a sad story...shows some things are not new to the world.