22 June 2016

Walter McIndoe

I've never really done a lot of research on the MacIndoe/McIndoe family in Scotland, because I am aware of so many others who have done the research already. However, I've been going through my family tree, checking info, just to make sure there is enough evidence, in my mind, for these people.

And I've come across Walter McIndoe, my 4x great grandfather, who was married to Jean Andrew, and lived in Dunbartonshire, but was supposedly born in Strathblane, Stirlingshire, to Robert McIndoe and Bethia Duncan, on 7 July 1763. Jean Andrew was allegedly born in New or East Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, to William Andrew and Jean Reid on 7 August 1761.

However, I want evidence. I can't find a marriage record for Walter and Jean, which might have given me further information on where Walter was from (though quite possibly not). I also can't find a death record, nor any will which might list brothers and sisters and where they live, and thus show any links to Strathblane.

The children of Walter and Jean that I have found records for are in the table below (with some large variations on the spelling of the surname!):

Date Name Parents Location
23 Jan 1784 Jean Walter McIndoe, Jean Andrew Cloberhill
28 Apr 1789 Margaret Walter McAndue, Jean Andrew Ladrishmore
10 Sep 1791 Walter Walter McAndue, Jean Andrew Ladrishmore
14 Sep 1793 Walter Walter MacIndoe, Jean Andrew Ladrishmore
12 Feb 1794 William Walter Macanduie, Jean Andrew not specified in record, but recorded in Kilmaronock parish
5 Feb 1796 Hugh Walter Macanduie, Jean Andrew not specified in record, but recorded in Kilmaronock parish
2 Mar 1801 Agnis Walter Macanduie, Jean Andrew not specified in record, but recorded in Kilmaronock parish
8 Apr 1805 John Walter McCandie/Macandie, Jean Andrew Ladrishmore

I am reasonably willing to accept that the Jean Andrew married to Walter McIndoe may well be the one born in 1761 to William Andrew and Jean Reid, partly because one of the kids is named William, but largely because the first (known) child was born in the same parish as where Jean's parents lived. Cloberhill was a farm in East/New Kilpatrick, situated on current-day Cloberhill Road, Glasgow.

Within five years the family had moved to the Kilmarnock parish, as the tenants on a farm named Ladrishmore (or Lederishmore), almost next door to the farm where their son Walter built Ashfield House years later.

There is nothing in the records that I have found that points to Great Great Great Great Grandfather Walter McIndoe being the son of Robert and Bethia McIndoe. In fact, I tend to think that the absence of any children of Walter and Jean's named Robert or Bethia supports my guess that they may not be Walter's parents. There is also information that I have found saying that Walter McIndoe, son of Robert and Bethia, actually emigrated to the US.

I haven't located any other potential parents for my Walter McIndoe, but that doesn't mean there weren't some. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who could prove or disprove this theory of mine. Please get in touch if you think you can help!


  1. caution : Kilmarnock town Ayr and Kilmanorock parish Dunbartonshire (both Scotland)
    different places