05 January 2014

A Google books snippet view teaser

I was researching on Google Books last night and I have possibly found something relevant to my Baumgarten research. The only problem is that the book in question is only available with snippet view and I can't see everything I really need to in the relevant section. Grrr! I'm going to have to see if I can borrow the book from somewhere - all I need to see is pages 13 and 14!

I was trying to find info on Samuel Baumgarten's German ancestry and it occurred to me to search "Baumgarten" and "Usingen" in Google Books, as Samuel's father Johann Nicholaus Baumgarten apparently had links with Usingen. If you're researching you need to have patience to trawl through lots of irrelevant information to find the little gems - on page 4 of the search results I found "Die Lehrer des Kreises Usingen" by Rudolf Bonnet, written in 1965. It referred to a Johann Nicholaus Friedrich Baumgarten. The title of the book roughly translates as "The teachers of the circle Usingen". Hmmmm... Samuel Baumgarten's father was a teacher...

So, the snippets I can read:

[page 13]

31. Baumgarten, Nicholaus, aus Sachsen, † 1754, Kantor und strumpffabrikant zu U. Sohn: Johann Nicholaus Friedrich; s. Nr. 33.
(31. Baumgarten, Nicholas, from Saxony, † 1754, Cantor and stocking manufacturer to Usingen. Son: Johann Nicholaus Friedrich, see No. 33)

32. Beckmann....

33. [impossible to read in the snippet, but refers to Nicholaus Baumgarten's son Johann Nicholaus Friedrich Baumgarten, as noted at 31]

[page 14]

40. Klein, Johann Philipp. * I. 3.10.1762 † Katzenelnbogen 30.10.1832 (sein Vater zuletzt Lehrer zu Heftrich). Vom 21-23. Lebensjahr S. I.; ½ Jahr dem Kantor Baum-.... [unable to access the rest in snippet view]
(40. Klein, Johann Philipp. * I. 03.10.1762 † 30.10.1832 Katzenelnbogen (his father last teacher to Heftrich). From 21-23. Age of S. I.; ½ years the cantor Baumgarten...) - it's possible that this doesn't refer to a person named Baumgarten, but maybe a place...

So what I think it is saying is that Samuel Baumgarten's grandfather was named Nicholaus Baumgarten, he was from Saxony, died in 1754 (which could fit with the dates known for his grandson Samuel Baumgarten - c.1729-1798) and was a cantor and made stockings - presumably men's stockings. That he was included in a book about the teachers of Usingen suggests that maybe he taught singing, related to his role as a cantor. His son Johann Nicholaus Friedrich Baumgarten was probably also a teacher, considering he is noted in the book also. This fits with previous information I have found on him.

I've not seen Samuel's father's name with "Friedrich" included in the middle names before, which could lead us to think he was a different person altogether. However, considering Samuel himself had "Frederic" as a middle name - Samuel Christian Frederic Baumgarten - it does suggest it could well be his father after all.

So, does anyone have access to this book? I'd be forever grateful...


  1. Prue, is it available through family Search. I'm told that they will do some scanning/copying and send to you...and you only want two pages. :-)

  2. Have you looked at Trove or Worldcat to see where copies are held?