10 September 2013

Trove Tuesday: Obituary for John V. Beringer

I discovered an obituary for my great great great uncle John Valentine Beringer, via Trove, in the Catholic newspaper Freeman's Journal (4 June 1931, p13):

It is a great comfort to me that he clearly became such an esteemed member of the Uralla community. He and his brother Adam (and sister-in-law Caroline) came so far, all way from Germany, and settled here in Australia, and made a new life for themselves. Although John Valentine had his share of tragedy - the death of his first wife Catherine, and their son Thomas - he really seemed to find his feet here.

I'd love to see some of his carpentry work... Anyone? Anyone?


  1. Isn't the Freeman's Journal a great source. Finding lots on my Irish Catholics there.

    1. Yes, I've found quite a bit on my Catholic Beringers in the Freeman's Journal. It must be a reasonably new addition to Trove because its the first time I've come across it in my searching.