06 December 2012

The Baumgartens of Germany

The other day I wrote about looking up the marriage records on microfilm (1189776) for a couple of Baumgartens in Lahr, Baden, Germany at the local LDS Family History Centre.

I have transcribed the records as best as I can, though there are a few words that I just can't decipher.

The marriage of Juliana Ernestina Baumgarten and Johann Friedrich Haberkorn:
Johann Friedrich Haberkorn, zeitlicher Cantor und Praeceptor Secundarius und Wittwer dahin und Juliana Ernestina, Herr Nicolaus Baumgarten der zeit Cantoris und Praeceptoris Secundari zu Usingen, eheliche ledige tochter.

The marriage of Christian Leopold Baumgarten and Maria Salome Dieterlin:
Christian Leopold Baumgarten Praeceptor und Organist zu Altensenn(?). Herr Joh. Nicolaus Baumgarten Cantoris und Praeceptoris zu Usingen, ehelicher ledigen Sohn und Jgfr [Jungfer] Maria Salome, Jacob Dieterlin das ...... ......... und Weiss E....s, und Stadt Musici ehelicher ledigen tochter.

I was talking to a German friend, who has studied Latin, about the Latin words in the records, which apparently refer to occupations - Cantoris and Praeceptoris Secondari(us). She did a bit of research for me and found that Cantoris is likely to refer to a music teacher, and Praeceptoris means someone who teaches Latin. Secundari(us) is likely to refer to the fact that the Latin teacher is not the head teacher, but a lower ranking teacher of Latin.

It's the musical bit that interests me the most. Samuel Baumgarten, my 5x great grandfather, could be the son of Johann(es) Nicolaus Baumgarten. Samuel, being an apparently talented bassoonist, might well have inherited some musical talent from a music teacher father. It certainly appears that the family moved in musical circles.

So I'm chipping away at this Baumgarten mystery. My thanks go to Miriam for her Latin help!


  1. Good luck with the mystery-chipping Prue. You've unearthed so much in 2012 so I hope 2013 is even better:-)

    Wishing you a very happy family Christmas.

  2. Thanks Pauleen. I don't feel like I have found as much exciting stuff this year as last year, but I can't always unearth famous people and others who have been eaten by cannibals. : )

    You have a great Christmas too!

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