04 August 2012

Some missing details filled in

Recently, when I discovered that the second child of Charles Nicholas and Benigna Catherine Weiss was actually a boy named Bernard James George, as opposed to a girl named Benigna as was previously thought, I contacted the British Library Asian and African Reference Service to see if they were able to locate parish records for Bernard's baptism. They found the baptism record, and because his sister Caroline Judith (child number three) was baptised on the same day, they offered me both. Yes please!

So in the mail the other day I received a transcript of the baptisms of Bernard and Caroline. And the information I was really hoping for was there - their actual dates of birth!

Bernard James George Weiss was born on April 15, 1831, and Caroline Judith Weiss was born on 5 February 1833. The place of their births was not noted, however, from newspaper advertisements of the time which were either placed by their father, or were for concerts in which their father was performing, I believe the family was most likely living in Liverpool at the time. In fact, according to those advertisements, at the time of Caroline's birth they were living in 3 Camden Street, Liverpool. Unfortunately I cannot pinpoint Bernard's birthplace in the same way.

So that's another couple of missing details filled in!


  1. Good discoveries Prue! Don't you love it when things come together -but there always seems to be one more thing to find:-)

  2. The addiction to the prospect of a new fantastic discovery just waiting to be found.... : )