24 June 2012

A CD of Gaspard Weiss' music

A new CD has just been released by Stradivarius of my great great great great grandfather Gaspard Weiss' music. This is the first CD ever dedicated solely to Weiss' music. I have ordered a number of copies from Tobias Bonz of Antichi Strumenti, the ensemble who performed on the CD. I can't wait to get my very own copy and play it!

Should you be interested, you can listen to excerpts of the tracks here. I didn't expect that I would like it so much! Not being hugely learned in music, I was envisaging something like Jane Rutter's flute music, which really does nothing for me. However, the German flute played in the pieces sounds, to my ear, a whole lot more like a recorder than today's flute. Plus, I do like that era of music. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Beautiful, beautiful.

The CD is available from Stradivarius, Antichi Strumenti and on iTunes.


  1. How interesting to have a composer 4 x great grandfather!

  2. I still find it quite amazing Aillin. And to finally hear some of his music after knowing of his talents for over a year now is wonderful - especially to listen to it and think "he wasn't half bad at it as well!"

  3. What a nice family heritage treasure to have - preserved and passed down through time to be put on a CD. I bet your ancestor could have never envisioned that. :-) Enjoy!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

    1. I'm gathering quite a little collection of family treasures - hopefully at least one of my kids will be interested in them! At the same time though, I've ordered copies for my grandma, great aunt, aunt etc because I know how much they will treasure the CD too. : )

  4. It must be incredibly thrilling to find an ancestor's music! What a great inheritance.

  5. I've looked and looked for CDs with his music on them. I found one a while ago which had a single track on it, but I was unable to get a copy because it is out of "print" (what would be the word for CDs - being non-printed matter?) I've known about this CD since last year, but have had to be very very patient!