09 October 2011

Tying up a loose end

Ages ago I was looking into Caroline Judith Hughes (nee Weiss) and was trying to track down her children. Caroline's husband was Henry Richard Hughes.

Mary Adelaide Hughes appears to have been their first child. She was born in Kurrachee (Karachi, then in India) on 22 Apr 1862. I had not been able to find any death record for her, but had assumed she died young because she was not listed with the family in the English 1871 Census. I tracked down her death record today: it turns out she died in Kurrachee, aged 3, on 17 Jul 1865.

I still haven't managed to locate a death record for Mary's brother Henry James Hughes. He was born in Kurrachee on 30 Mar 1865. He may have died in India or England - I don't know which - but he also was not listed in the 1871 English Census.

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