19 August 2011

Just keep on digging...

I've been searching French language sources such as Gallica and French stuff on Google for information on Charles Nicholas Weiss and Jean Gaspard Weiss. I don't understand French but Google Translator is extremely useful.

Anyway, I found this: "Les partitions musicales de Gaspard Weiss retrouvées" - see page 11. It seems that someone else is just as interested in Jean Gaspard Weiss as I am! We'll see what comes of this... I didn't think I'd exhausted the available information on him yet - it would appear that I was right!

November 2011 - Edited to add: Unfortunately this link appears to no longer work. It detailed about a cellist, Tobias Bonz, who had rediscovered the works of Jean Gaspard Weiss. See this post for further details.


  1. Prue - there's a book now out (I'm currently cataloguing it for Cambridge University Library) about Jean Gaspard Weiss - it's his autobiography which has been edited by Bonz and Eliane Michelon using material they've found in the archives at Mulhouse.

  2. Thanks Book-hound - don't worry, I've already got it!!!