28 July 2011

James Ball's birthday

I was just reading an excerpt of the diary that James Ball, my great great great great grandfather wrote, as he and his family sailed to Australia. I clapped my hand to my head when I read:
"Fri. Dec. 19 - This is my birthday and the day we are rounding the Cape of Good Hope."
So that settles it - the James Ball I thought was my relative IS my relative.

To summarise the information that I now know is definitely true: James Ball was born on 19 December 1812 to Thomas and Sarah Ball, and he was baptised on 23 November 1817 at St Mary Mounthaw, along with his younger sister Eleanor. His father Thomas was a corn porter and they lived at Old Fish Street Hill.


  1. I was there when you read it, and I don't recall you clapping your hand to your head.

  2. No, you were there when I discovered something about his father Thomas.

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