29 June 2011

The Beringers and the Posts

Many moons ago I wrote about the Beringers and the Posts. When Adam and John Valentine Beringer came out to Australia it was noted in their immigration records that they had an uncle in Uralla. They were also sponsored to come out by Philip Post, and I assumed that Philip was a cousin and his father George was the Uncle. However I had not found any definite link between the Beringers and the Posts.

I was close. The Philip Post I was thinking of was a relative, but not the right one. I assumed George Post was the uncle in Uralla, however he had a brother named Philip and it turns out that he was the uncle.

Philip Post (born Eltville, Hessen-Nassau, Germany in 1830, died Uralla, NSW on 16 Jul 1904) was married to Charlotte Louisa Bredel (born Georgenborn, Hessen, Germany 1828, died Uralla, NSW 1910). As I had previously worked out, Adam and John Valentine's mother Elizabeth's maiden name was Bredel. For Adam and John Valentine to have an uncle in Uralla it would fit that their mother Elizabeth was the sister of Charlotte, who was married to Philip Post, who would therefore be their uncle.

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