09 April 2011

Family likeness

The people above are: Gustav Holst, Imogen Holst, Theodor Von Holst, Constantia Tourrier (nee Von Holst), Caroline Weiss, my great aunt (also a Weiss). Theodor and Constantia were siblings, Gustav was their great nephew (and Imogen his daughter), Caroline was their niece, and my great aunt was their niece a number of generations down.

See any family likeness? I can see a long face, a long thin nose and a small mouth.

Incidentally, the portrait of Caroline is the one I wrote about in an earlier post. It clearly isn't by Theodor - it's quite amateurish compared to the painting he did of Constantia beside it - but it was a nice thought while it lasted!

It's rather unusual to be in the position to be able to compare faces through so many generations. I'm fortunate that these relatives (apart from my great aunt) were either famous or had portraits painted. I have no other branches of the family I can do it in!

Oh, and I have the thin nose, though it's not as long as those seen here.

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  1. Hello, am a scholar on Gustav Holst, are you really related to Gustav?