21 March 2011

Another piece of the Weiss puzzle

In my last post about the Weiss's I suggested that perhaps two of the daughters of Charles and Benigna Weiss might not have actually existed as there was no definite proof of them, only family lore.

I also mentioned that I had spoken to my grandmother, grand daughter of Charles' and Benigna's youngest child, Frederick, to see what she remembered of him, and if she recalled him speaking of his siblings. She was going to ask my great uncle if he remembered anything. He didn't really, so she asked her sister as well.

My great aunt came up with a piece of gold! She pointed out the first initial of each of the children:

  • Adelaide
  • Benigna
  • Caroline
  • D
  • Egmont
  • Frederick

She says this was an intentional naming of the children - in alphabetical order. Which suggests to me two things: firstly, that Benigna and Caroline did exist, even though no concrete evidence of their existence has yet been found, and secondly, that the fourth child's name could well have been Derby, as I thought.

Grandma forgot to ask about the locket. Perhaps that will uncover some evidence too!

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